Current Status in the UK.
The SD-1 is not currently approved by the UK LAA for amateur construction.

This site has been set up to keep prospective builders and other interested parties up to date on its progress.
Approval Process - step 1.
8th March 2011: the LAA have expressed an interest in investigating the suitability of the Spacek SD-1 for construction and operation under the Permit to Fly system. Drawings and technical data have been provided for their initial assessment.
Welcome to the SD Planes UK Site.
Welcome to the SD Planes UK Website.
The SD-1 Minisport, designed by Igor Spacek from the Czech Republic, has attracted a lot of interest as it offers good performance and handling suitable for a low time pilot but at the same time remains simple to build and is very economical to operate.

This UK based English language site has been established in order to keep prospective builders and other interested parties up to date on its progress.

It must be emphasised that the design is not yet approved by the UK's LAA, which means that it does not qualify as a homebuilt under UK rules and prospective builders must be fully aware of that. The aircraft is fully approved in certain other EU Countries and may be permissible under 'Experimental' categories valid elsewhere.

In early March 2011 an approach was made to the UK's LAA about the approvals process which was recieved enthusiastically. Drawings and other data have been submitted and a dialog with the LAA has been established which should shortly provide an indication of any specific concerns they may have. Assuming that no significant problems arise at that stage then we will start the formal approval process.

The design has been prepared to meet the FAI UL and LSA regulations and also the new German up to 120 kg empty weight category. We understand that these standards are sufficiently close to those applied here for us to have reasonable confidence that approval will be possible, and the designer has confirmed that he is willing to incorporate any specific requirements arising from the LAA's approval requirements.

Latest News
Upcoming Events
New Web Forum Launched
March 15th 20111.

In order to better answer questions and to allow interested parties and builder discuss the aircraft we have launched an English Language Web Forum
LAA Rally at Sywell (2nd - 4th September 2011)
Sywell Aerodrome, Northants

We are hoping to be able to display the prototype SD-1 at this important event.

Hopefully we will have the designer in attendance to answer questions.
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