Aeolus-Sense 4T ADS-B


Aeolus-Sense 4T ADS-B includes a dual-band (978 MHz and 1090 MHz) ADS-B receiver powered by uAvionix for traffic and weather information.

Aeolus-Sense 4T ADS-B is a smartphone/tablet EFIS instrument with AHRS in-flight reset recovery in any flight attitude and contains all the necessary sensors needed by A-EFIS for correct and reliable operation. The interface can be any smartphone or tablet, regardless of the native sensors.


Aeolus-Sense 4T ADS-B includes the following sensors:

  • Dual band 978 MHz and 1090 MHz ADS-B receiver
  • Pressure/airspeed sensors (connects to the pitot/static tubes of your airplane)
  • Barometric sensor for correct altiude indication
  • Outside Air Temperature sensor with external probe.
  • 3-axes gyroscopes
  • 3-axes accelerometer
  • 3-axes magnetometer
  • GPS receiver with external antenna


  • Artificial Horizon (AHRS)
  • Pitot/Static indication of IAS, TAS, Altitude, Vertical speed.
  • Ground speed (via GPS)
  • Altimeter (via Pitot/static or GPS)
  • Vertical speed (via Pitot/static or GPS)
  • Turn coordinator
  • Slip ball
  • Compass
  • True course indicator (via GPS)
  • Deviation from true track indication
  • Instrument Offline Indicator
  • Android/IOS wireless connection via WiFi
  • Android/IOS wired USB connection via TalosAvionics USB data & charging adaptor (NOT included in the package)
  • Ability to charge Android/IOS smartphone or tablet via the TalosAvionics USB data & charging adaptor (NOT included in the package)
  • Confirmed support of Android smartphones & tablets: Samsung, HTC, Nexus, Google, Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE, MLS.
  • AHRS in-flight reset recovery in any flight attitude (NOT necessary to perform straight and level flight for AHRS recovery as other instruments need)
  • Dual band 978 MHz and 1090 MΗz ADS-B receiver for traffic and weather information
  • GPS output for driving any autopilot with serial NMEA-9600 input.

Aeolus-Sense 4T ADS-B connects to any device running Android 4.0/IOS 8.0 or higher wireless via wifi, and wired over USB. The user downloads our free app (A-EFIS free), from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store and then connects via wifi or wired via USB to AEOLUS-SENSE. When connected to AEOLUS-SENSE, A-EFIS free automatically upgrades itself to the full (color) version.

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Weight 300 g


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